Maybe You are trying to install Xerox Phaser 3122 printer on Windows 7 64 bit version, but there are no any driver for this printer for windows 7 64 bit. The newest official driver on site is only for Windows Vista and can’t be used for Windows 7.

This is a tutorial how to install it!

Edit: This tutorial also work for Windows 8, just disable Windows 8 drivers signature (for install unsigned driver) and continue reding below.

So, we must do it otherway. There are some printers very similar to our Phaser, at least i know about two: Samsung ML 2010 and some DELL printer. These has identical hardware but very little different design.

Start out by downloading samsung Universal Print Driver from After downloading, run package and unpack it (it’s self-unpacking .exe, so run it and then specify destination for unpacking), then cancel installation if begun – let it only unpack. Go to unpacked files and locate file SPLV1.INF, in my case is in directory C:\Temp\ML-2010\Printer\GDI\VISTA_64\. Edit the file in your favorite notepad and change this lines:

"Samsung ML-2010 Series" = SUGS2.DLL, LPTENUM\SamsungML-20100E8D
"Samsung ML-2010 Series" = SUGS2.DLL, USBPRINT\SamsungML-20100E8D


"Xerox Phaser 3122" = SUGS2.DLL, LPTENUM\XeroxPhaser_312276EC
"Xerox Phaser 3122" = SUGS2.DLL, USBPRINT\XeroxPhaser_312276EC

Save the file and install manually (Add printer in windows, don’t run samsung setup.exe!) the printer. In installation, locate driver “from floppy” and select edited file SPLV1.INF and proceed installation.

That’s all! It works. If helped, leave a comment.